Coombs Kennels

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vaccines are Required?

For Dogs: Bordatella, DHPP (5-Way Combo), Rabies

For Cats: Leukemia, CRVC, Rabies


What Should I Bring?

We highly encourage you to bring your pet's own food; if you cannot bring your own food, we offer Science Diet's Advanced Fitness formula for $4 each day of your dog's stay. We use our own supply of stainless steel food and water bowls, so please keep your own bowls. (Slow-Feed bowls are an exception). Personal bedding is also welcome! Please label all belongings to ensure safe return.


Can I Pick Up On Sunday?

Although all boarding pets are fed, kept clean, and let out throughout the day, our front office is closed on Sundays. Please plan on picking up on Saturday night, or Monday morning.


What is Group Activity?

Always under the supervision of a trained staff, social dogs are invited out together to play in our Activity Yards or to run and chase in our Dog Park. Dogs are grouped together according to size, energy level, and by temperament, to ensure the safest experience possible.


What is Private Yard Time?

Several times throughout the day, dogs not participating in Group Activity are brought outside to our Activity Yards or Dog Park, accompanied by our staff, to play and spend time outdoors.